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SmartGuard 600 Controllers

SmartGuard 600 Controllers

Our SmartGuard™ 600 family provides safety for applications that require complex logic and more advanced safety functionality. With the SmartGuard 600 controller as a safety master on DeviceNet™, you can use Guard I/O™ modules to expand the number of safety devices the SmartGuard 600 can control. With your choice of EtherNet/IP™ or DeviceNet, other devices such as standard PLCs and HMIs can read data from the SmartGuard 600 safety controller for system-level interlocking, diagnostics and troubleshooting.


· Includes small, cost-effective intelligent safety controllers

· Leverages several types of embedded and safety I/O modules

· Lets you use the DeviceNet™ network to distribute safety I/O and integrate into a standard control system

· Ideal for mid-level safety applications that are too complex for safety relays, yet too simple for full-sized safety PLCs

· Supports controller configuration and programming through RSNetWorx™ for DeviceNet software


1752 SmartGuard™ 600 Controllers with Safety

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