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  • SIMATIC S7-1500
    SIMATIC S7-1500

    ‍Power + Efficiency: SIMATIC S7-1500 plus TIA Portal The ultimate plus in automation.The SIMATIC S7-1500 controller family with the high-end CPU 1518 is the new generation of controllers in the TIA Portal and marks a milestone in automation. It ensures highest efficiency and maximum usability for me..

  • Servomotors 1FK7
    Servomotors 1FK7

    Servomotors 1FK7The ideal solution for standard Motion Control applicationsOverview1FK7 Compact (CT)1FK7 High Dynamic (HD)1FK7 High Inertia (HI)1FK7 synchronous motors - overview of the product range1FK7 synchronous motors - typical areas of applicationEnlargeServomotors 1FK71FK7 motors are permanen..

  • Servomotors 1FT6
    Servomotors 1FT6

    Introduction Letter : Servomotors 1FT6Universal motor for medium power precise applications with natural cooling, forced ventilation and water coolingOverview1FT6 synchronous motors - for all high-performance motion control applications1FT6 synchronous motors - overview of the product range1FT6 sync..

  • Servomotors 1FT7
    Servomotors 1FT7

    Introduction Letter : Servomotors 1FT7The compact synchronous motors for high-performance applicationsEnlargeServomotors 1FT7The 1FT7 motors are permanent magnet synchronous motors with highly compact dimensions. They meet the most stringent demands on precision, dynamics and speed setting range as ..

  • Servomotors 1FU
    Servomotors 1FU

    Introduction Letter : Servomotors 1FUServomotors 1FUThe 1FU8 SIEMOSYN motors are permanent-magnet synchronous motors with short-circuit cage for an asynchronous automatic start. They can be operated on the supply system as drives with constant speed or on a converter as variable-speed, single or gro..

  • SIMOREG DC Drivers-6RA70
    SIMOREG DC Drivers-6RA70

    Introduction Letter :General descriptionDepending on the particular application, often, SIMOREG® DC drives are the most favorably-priced drive solution. They offer many benefits when it comes to reliability, operator friendliness and performance. If you are looking for the optimum cost-effective DC ..


    SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVESActive marketing of SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES has been discontinued. The converter series SINAMICS S und SINAMIS G are available as successor products.General Performance converter SINAMICS GHigh Performance converter SINAMICS SYou can still download the support documents (FAQs, man..

  • Inverter Micromaster 440
    Inverter Micromaster 440

    Introduction Letter :  MICROMASTER 440The Powerful All-rounderOverview MICROMASTER 440 – DescriptionMICROMASTER 440 – a brief Summary of its StrengthsMICROMASTER 440 – Technical DataMICROMASTER 440 – Typical Uses MICROMASTER 440 – Description Even in the world of drives, there are often forces whic..

  • Inverter Micromaster 430
    Inverter Micromaster 430

    Introduction Letter :  MICROMASTER 430The Specialist for Pumps and FansOverview MICROMASTER 430 – DescriptionMICROMASTER 430 – a brief Summary of its StrengthsMICROMASTER 430 – Technical DataMICROMASTER 430 – Typical UsesMICROMASTER 430 – DescriptionEvery task performed by a drive system involves it..

  • Inverter Micromaster 420
    Inverter Micromaster 420

    Introduction Letter :  MICROMASTER 420The Universal Inverter for Every ChallengeOverviewMICROMASTER 420 – DescriptionYou need a frequency inverter which can be adapted to your individual requirements without any great effort? No problem for our MICROMASTER 420 – the universal inverter for 3-phase ne..


    Introduction Letter : The innovative CNC systems choice for every requirementModular and scalable, the SINUMERIK automation system incorporates multiple products for machine tools. Whether deployed for use in standardized turning and milling machines, as a powerful drive-based CNC controller system,..


    Introduction Letter : INUMERIK ControlsThe SINUMERIK CNC system comprises different versions for most varied requirements arising on machine tools: From the entry-level version SINUMERIK 802D to SINUMERIK 828D BASIC T and BASIC M for standard turning and milling machines and the compact SINUMERIK 8..